Sage Prism

  • Accuracy​
    Up to 0.5%
  • Calibration
    NIST tracable calibration
  • Power supply
    Battery powered
  • Channels calibration
    Up to 16 channels calibration
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The versatile Sage Prism combines our innovative digital technology for thermal gas mass flow measurement with extensive data logging capability and portability.  The ergonomically designed Prism Portable operates up to 10 hours on a built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery; continuous operation obtained with charger plugged in.  There are 16 channels, 12 of which are user configurable. The Prism can capture up to 130,000 data points which includes flow rate, temperature, date, time, location ID and log number.  The included Sage Prism Configuration Software permits configuring up to 12 different channels for pipe size, location ID, units of measurement.  Data can be downloaded to PC for storage and analysis.

Calibrated for air, natural gas or bio-gas

Portability and data logging of gas mass flow rate in 16 different channels

Easy to install probe in pipe one inch and larger in size

Intuitive and easy to use operation

Up to 130,000 data points providing

Data easily transferred to a PC for analysis or storage

General Specification
Style Cabled Portable Datalogging Mass Flow Meter (2 foot coiled cable stretches to 10 feet)
Sensor Two reference grade platinum RTD clad in 316SS sheath
Material Wetted metal components: 316SS
Power Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery provides 8-10 hours operation. Continuous operation using 12VDC power adapter
Turndown 100 to 1
Resolution 1000 to 1
Pressure Up to 500 psi (For higher pressure contact us)
Repeatability  0.2 % 
Accuracy Up to 0.5%
Calibration NIST tracable, Up to 16 different calibrations or configurations (Channels A-P)
Display High contrast graphical display (organic LED): Flow rate, Temperature, Time & Date Stamps, Log#, Channel, Tag ID, Battery strength and Sample mode
Low end sensitivity 5 SFPM
Communication Via USB to a .CSV format (Excel® file)
Output Via USB to a .CSV format (Excel® file)
Data storage 130,000 data points
Data transferred  LOG#, TAG ID, Date Stamp, Time Stamp, Flow, Temperature

Flow audits

Check meter to compare against installed flow meters

Periodic measurement of greenhouse gases

Energy management