DIN Panel mount - Batch controller N410

  • Display
    Easy configuration with clear alphanumerical display
  • Ambient temperature‚Äč
    -20°C to +60°C (-4°F to 140°F).
  • Monitoring.
    No-flow monitoring
  • Keypad
    Full numerical keypad.
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The N410 batch controller distinguishes itself by its user-friendly features: Numerical keypad, clear programming menu structure, easy to read display and simple mounting enclosure. The numerical keypad allows simple and fast changing of the preset batch quantity. Fluidwell stands for simplicity and reliability and it is now available in this customer focused and application driven batch controller. 


 High intensity transflective numeric and alphanumeric LCD, UV-resistant. White LED backlight. Intensity adjustable from 0 – 100% in steps of 20%. Good readings in full sunlight and in darkness

Dimensions  22 x 116mm (0.87 x 4.57”).
Digits Seven 14mm (0.56”) and ten 8mm (0.3”) digits. Various symbols and measuring units.
Refresh rate  8 times/sec.

Die-cast aluminum front panel,

GRP back enclosure.

Polycarbonate window, silicone gasket;

UV stabilized and flame retardant material.


Sixteen industrial micro-switch keys;

UV-resistant silicone keypad; replaceable front.

Painting UV-resistant 2-component industrial painting.

IP67 (NEMA4X) at the front side.

IP20 at the back side.

Power requirements
Type PG

110 - 230V AC. Power consumption max. 10 Watt.

24V DC + 10%. Power consumption max. 10 Watt.

Sensor excitation
Type PG

Terminal 5: 12V DC. Iout max. 30mA.

Terminal 29: 8.2 / 12 or 24V DC.

8.2V DC, Iout max. 20mA.

12V DC, Iout max. 30mA.

24V DC, Iout max. 75mA.

Operator functions

 Enter a preset value.

Start, hold and stop the batch process.  

Total can be reset to zero.

Batch counter can be reset to zero

Displayed functions 

Preset value.

Running batch total or remaining quantity.

Total and accumulated total.

Flow rate.

Batch counter.

Graphical indication progress of the actual batch

Additional functions 

 Active overrun correction.

Minimum / maximum preset value.

Preset / Total
Digits 7 digits.
Units .L, m3 , USGAL, IGAL, ft3 , bbl, kg, Ton, US Ton, lb.
Decimals 0 - 1 - 2 or 3.
Note Total can be reset to zero.
Flow rate
Digits 7 digits.
Units L, m3 , USGAL, IGAL, ft3 , bbl, kg, Ton, US Ton, lb.
Decimals  0 - 1 - 2 or 3.
Time units /sec - /min - /hr - /day.