Batch controller with numerical keypad 310

  • Type
    Bright transflective alpha-numeric LCD with LED backlight.
  • Ambient temperature
    -10°C to +55°C (14°F to +131°F).
  • Displayed​ Functions
    Preset value, Actual batched quantity, Flow rate, Total, Batch counter.
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The 310 batch controller has been developed for accurate batching of liquids. The simplicity and structure, both for programming and during operation, ensures a reliable control and management of liquid flows. The numerical keypad allows easy changing of the desired batch quantity. During the batch, the 80 character display shows the preset value simultaneously with the actual batched quantity, flow rate and measuring units. The self-learning overrun correction will ensure an accurate batch every time. All functions are software controlled and offer broad application areas and user-friendly control.


 Bright transflective alpha-numeric LCD with LED backlight

Digits 4 lines (20 characters per line). Standard 5mm (0.2") digits.
Refresh rate  Ten times a second.
Operating temperature 
Ambient -10°C to +55°C (14°F to +131°F). 
Power requirements
Type PP 12V AC/DC - 15VA
Type PR / PS   22 - 28V AC/DC - 15VA.
Type PT / PU 105 - 130V AC / 50Hz - 15VA.
Type PV / PW  210 - 240V AC / 50Hz - 15VA.
Sensor excitation
Standard Stabilized 12V DC or 24V DC - selection with voltage selection switch or 8.2 V DC when Namur input specified. Max. 100mA @ 24V DC.
Data protection
Type NVRAM backup of all settings including process data figures prior to any sudden or unexpected power failures. Data retention 10 years.
Pulse inputs
Type P NPN/PNP, open collector.
Type N  Namur type sensors.
Type S Reed-switch.
Frequency Minimum 0 Hz - maximum 10 KHz (18KHz) for total and flow rate.
K-factor 0.0001 - 9,999 with variable decimal position.
Logic inputs
Function Start / Pause / Clear / Alarm
Type Four status inputs.
Voltage 8 - 24V DC supplied - external voltage max. 24V DC.
Duration Minimum pulse duration 200msec. 
Relay outputs
Function batching relays, alarm condition.
Type PP/PR/ PT/PV Three Isolated mechanical relays with NO/NC contacts. 
Maximum load 1A - 230V AC/DC - Two relays protected with RC.
Type PS/PU/PW  Solid-state relays: max. load 1A - 50V DC.