Triflex LNI200

  • Material ‚Äč
     Galvanised aluminum and ABS / PA.
  • Sensor resolution
  • Power supply
    12 – 34V DC.
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The Triflex LNI 200 is designed to measure the level on the outside of a non-metallic tank without physical contact with the product. The LNI 200 incorporates the unique FTC technology (Field Time Control). This is a new innovative technology where an electric field is generated between a transmitting electrode and multiple receiving electrodes. The cycle time of the FTC level sensor changes as soon as a product intervenes this electric field. Multiple advanced receiver circuits are embedded to detect the level of low dielectric material, like bulk solid material or dry food products. The Triflex LNI 200 transmitter does not require moving parts or product contact that may be subject to failure situations. Applications with a sensor with FTC Technology provide a more reliable and cost effective solution.


 Galvanised aluminum and ABS / PA.


365 / 465 / 565 / 665 x 163 x 37mm H x W x D.

Power requirements
Power supply  12 – 34V DC.
Lift-off Voltage@4mA 

~ 11V DC.

Min. operating Voltage@20mA  ~ 9V DC.
Operating specifications
Temperature -40°C to +80°C (-40°F to +178°F).
Max. load resistance 550 ohm.
Sensor resolution 15mm.
Response time 1 second.
Sensor output
Analog output   2-wire 4 - 20mA (loop powered). 
Current signalling 

conform to Namur NE43.

4 - 20mA (0-100%).

3.8mA (saturating below -1.25%).

20.5mA (saturating above 103%).

3.6mA (fault current low value).

21mA (fault current high value).

Alarm output

Solid state 50V AC/DC

Non-trip current 39mA (at 25°C).
Min. trip current 59mA (at 25°C).