Flow Converter 713

  • Measuring range​
    0-1 m ; 0-3 m
  • Frequency​​
     125 kHz ; 30 kHz
  • Enclosure​
    IP 68, withstands a static pressure equal to max. overpressure
  • Temperature 
    -20...+60 °C
  • Output signal  
    2-wire, 4 - 20 mA (passive transmitter)
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The Flow Converter 713 is designed for measuring and recording water flow in open ducts and channels.

The Flow Converter 713 is a complete instrument for the measuring of instantaneous flow and recording of accumulated water flow. It can be adapted to any type of weir or flume.


  1. Built-in ISO 1438 flow formulas. Flow-proportional control of sampler                                                                                                    
  2. Adapts to any kind of weir or flume. Built-in stormflow function
  3. Supplied with either ultrasonic or hydrostatic sensor. Maximum accuracy with measuring ranges down to 0-10 cm
  4. Flow Converter 713 is calibrated from the front panel. Easy to operate with setup information in English or other user-specified language             
  5. Security access code can be programmed. Built-in totalizer with counter
  6. Indication of average flow (m3/hour) actual, the last hour, today, the last 24 hours. Indication of
  7. accumulated flow (m3) actual, the last hour, today, the last day
  8. If 713 is set as an emergency stormflow meter, the number of stormflows, stormflow. time and volume and start and stop time for the last stormflow are counted
  9. Alarm can be set for high and low flow, and excess of 1- and 24-hour volumes



Open Channel Flowmeter 713

The sensor of the Flow Converter provides a signal proportional to the level. The amplifier linearizes the signal from the sensor so it is proportional with the flow rate.The Flow Converter 713 can calculate flow on the basis of one of the three following principles:

  1. Preprogrammed formulas for different dimensions of the most common flumes and weirs such as Parshall, Venturi and Palmer Bouwlus flumes and retangular or V-notch weirs based on ISO 1438.
  2. When using non-standard flumes or weirs the existing calculation formula can be programmed.
  3. For flumes where no calculation formula exists, a number of known Level-flow values can be entered, on the basis of these a point-linearization is made.



Control Functions

Open channel flow meter 713 has 5 output relays which can be configured for PLC and SCADA Interface. The relay function can be set to:

  1. External Totalizers counter
  2. Control of sampler
  3. High flow rate
  4. Low flow rate
  5. Max. flow / hour
  6. Min. flow / hour
  7. Max flow /day
  8. Min flow / day
  9. Sensor error



Measuring ranges      0-0,3 m, 0-1 m,  0-3 m
Dimensions      185 × 240 ×115 mm (h × w × d)
Supply      220-240VAC, 110-120VAC or 24VDC appr.10 VA
Temperature      -20...+60 °C
Materials      House and cover: Polystyrol
Housing      IP 65
Input signal      From ultrasonic sensor, pressure transmitter or 4-20 mA
Digital outputs     

Terminals 6-17:relay 1-4, max. 250V, 4A resistive load, max. 100 VA inductive load.

Can be chosen as alarm, counter,flow>0 or sampler outputs. Terminals 18-20: relay 

 5 pulse (optocoupler) max 36 V,50 mA one shot, 100 msec - 10 sec programmable.

Analogue output      Terminals 21-22: 0-20/4-20 mA, max. 500 Ω, galvanic isolation.
Serial    output      RS232 prepared
Serial output  

Standard formulas according toISO1438 Optional formula Q=C×h× or point-linearization    


Standard formulas according to ISO1438 Optional formula Q= C× hor point-linearization

Indication      2×24 characters LCD display for readout and programming
Accuracy      ≤ ±1 % (min. ±1 mm)
CE      EN50081-1,    EN50082-1




The Flow Converter 713 is especially used for measurement and recording of flow in public and industrial sewage plants. It is also installed in pumping stations for recording of emergency stormflow and for measuring in fish farming, in channels for irrigation system and for measurement in streams and rivers.