• Measuring range:
    0.005 to 3 l/m
  • Viskosity:
    5…25,000 mm²/s
  • Linearity: 
    ±0.5 % of actual value
  • Pressure: 
    max. 400 bar
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The gear flowmeters sin cartridge design were mainly developed for the automotive industry. Construction characteristics as flat seals and single-ended shafts guarante ideal purging qualities.

As an option adapter plates can be supplied.


The cartridge design reduces the weight by another 50% compared with its predecessor. Therefore, the Cartridge-ZHM may be installed right behind the spray gun without adverse effects on the dynamic properties of the spray robot.

The newly designed measuring kit provides a high resolution and allows for a precise measurement over a measuring range which would usually require two flowmeters.

The new flowmeters can be completely purged within a few seconds and rapid color changes are possible with no adverse effects on paints by residual sediments.

The integral carrier-frequency pulse amplifier type VTE.CT or fiber-optic amplifier type FOP 60 allow for space-saving installation.

A legal protection of registered design for the Cartridge-gear flowmeter has been applied for.

General Specification
Measuring ranges

0.005…3.000 ltr./min

Viscosity range

5…25,000 mm²/s


±0.5% of actual value

Pressure 400 Bar
Repeatability  0.1 % 
Accuracy Up to 0.1%

As per DIN 1.4305 (SS303)

Gears As per DIN 1.4122 /1.4501
Bearings Carbide
Sealing: FKM, PTFE
Medium temperature -20 to +150°C (higher temperatures on request)


Paints, also water based



Media with fillers, clear varnishes, water-based varnishes and solventbased varnishes.

Cavity spraying with protective anticorrosion agents and for abrasive media.

Automotive industry, such as painting facilities, preservation facilities and other equipment for coatings.