Gear Flow meters for Test Rigs, Diesel Fuel, Chemical Injection (ZHM-01/3)

  • Measuring range:
    0.002 to 0.5 l/m
  • Linearity:
    ± 2.5%
  • Repeatability:
    ± 0.1%
  • Pressure:
    max. 315 bar
  • Temperature of medium:
    -20 up to +120°C
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The PD Flowmeters ZHM 01/3.*.* is particularly well suited for Test Rig Applications. It‘s gear design has been optimized for extremely low flow volumes and low medium viscosities. High grade stainless materials permit the use with different fluids. The Flowmeters was also especially engineered for Diesel and Fuel Consumption Applications.

Features :

High resolution: 40,000 pulses/liter

Range: 1:250

Designed for Diesel Fuel Consumption

General Specification
Measuring ranges

0.002…0.5 ltr./min

Viscosity range

0.8…30 mm²/s



Pressure 315 Bar
Repeatability  0.1 % 
Accuracy Up to 0.1%

As per DIN 1.4404 (SS316L) / 1.4305 (SS303)

Gears As per DIN 1.4122
Ball Bearings Stainless steel
Sealing: FKM, FFKM, PTFE
Medium temperature -20 to +120°C (higher temperatures on request)


Especially suitable for diesel and fuel consumption

Additive Injection