Aluminium Gear Flowmeters (ZHA)

  • Measuring ranges:
    0.02 to 500 l/m 
  • Viscosity range:
    5…25,000 mm²/s
  • Linearity:
    ±0.5% of actual value
  • Pressure:
    max. 315 bar
  • Fluid temperature:
    max. +180°C 
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Gear flowmeters are volumetric counters that have internal design similar to gear pumps. There are two gear wheels inside the flowmeter body; they have mutual engagement with a minimum backlash. Between the teeth and walls of the flowmeter body closed chambers arise into which medium forced-flows and it puts thereby the gear wheels in motion. The gear wheels move freely and do not brake the medium flow. Their number of revolutions is proportional to the flow rate and is sensed using contactless sensors through the body wall.


High resolution

Low pressure drop

Dynamic measuring system

Measuring accuracy

Low weight

General Specification
Measuring ranges

0.02…500 ltr./min

Viscosity range

5…25,000 mm²/s


±0.5% of actual value

Pressure 315 Bar
Repeatability  0.1 % 
Accuracy Up to 0.1%

As per DIN ALZn5.5MgCu-7075-F54

Gears As per DIN 1.4122
Ball bearings high-grade stainless steel (ZHA 01/2-04), chromium steel (ZHA 05-06)
tapered bearings chromium steel (ZHA 06-07)
Sealing: FKM, PTFE
Medium temperature -20 to +150°C (higher temperatures on request)


Dosing systems

Consumption measurement

Monitoring systems