Turbine Flow Meters for Temperature Control Units (HM-P)

  • Measuring range:
    1.0 to 280 l/m 
  • Viscosity:
    0.1 up to 100 mm²/s
  • Linearity:‚Äč
    ±2 % of actual value
  • Pressure:
    up to 20 bar
  • Fluid temperature: 
    up to +350 °C
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Turbine Flow Meters to ensure process-security in temperature control units.



Low-cost version

Ceramic bearings resistant to wearing

Suited for polluted liquids

Compact design

Convenient comfortable use

General Specification
Measuring ranges 1.0 to 280 l/m
Viscosity range 0.1 up to 100 mm²/s
Linearity ±2% of actual value
Pressure Up to 20 Bar
Repeatability  0.1 % 
Accuracy Up to 0.1%

As per DIN 1.4305 (SS303)

Wheels As per DIN 1.4122; 1.4460 (SS329)
Bearings Ceramics, Ball bearings
Sealing FKM Graphite
Medium temperature -20to +350°C (higher temperatures on request)


Tap and demineralised water

Water / glycol mixtures

Fuel oil


Heat-carrying agents (oils to heating systems)