Guidense TDR200-SMART


  • Accuracy​
     +/-3mm or 0.03% of measured distance.
  • Measuring range​
    100 to 20.000mm.
  • Probe types
  • 3 Probe types: single rod probe, wire rope probe and a coaxial probe
  •  Enclosure.
    Resistant to harsh environments with IP68/NEMA6P enclosure.
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The Guidense TDR200-SMART is a guided wave radar (GWR) for continuous level measurement in liquids and solids. The Guidense TDR200-SMART has no sensor outputs but a smart bidirectional digital communication output to the ProcessMonitor M844 monitoring and data logging solution. The combined instruments represent Processmonitors Smart Services. 

Mechanical specifications
Materials house 

• Aluminium alloy EN AC-AlSi9Cu3. Cover o-ring: silicone rubber.

• Stainless steel 1.4401 / 316. Cover O-ring: silicone rubber.

Materials probe

Single rod probe: SS 1.4404 / 316L, PEEK.

Single rod probe PTFE coated: PTFE, O-ring (Pending).

Wire rope probe: SS 1.4401 / 316, PEEK.

Coaxial probe: SS 1.4404 / 316L, PEEK, O-ring.

Gasket at connection thread: Klingersil C-4400, 2mm

Protective rating

IP68 / NEMA6P.

Cable entries M20 x 1,5.
Conn. thread G 3 /4 A or 3 /4” NPT (wrench size 32mm).
Max. load

Single rod probe: Max. lateral load 6Nm.

Wire rope probe: Max. tensile load 5kN.

Coaxial probe: Max. lateral load 100Nm.


Single rod probe: O/ 6mm.

Wire rope probe: O/ 4mm / counterweight: O/ 22mm.

Coaxial probe: O/ 17.2mm

Measurement specifications
Accuracy ±3mm or 0.03% of measured distance, whichever is greatest.
Repeatability < 2mm.
Resolution < 1mm.
Application specifications
Dielectric constant 

Single rod / wire rope probe: εr minimal 1,8.

Coaxial probe: εr minimal 1,4

Conductivity No restrictions
Density No restrictions
Application temperature 

Single rod / wire rope probe: -40°C to +150°C.

Single rod, PTFE coated: -15°C to +100°C (on request).

Coaxial probe EPDM o-ring: -40°C to +130°C.

Coaxial probe FKM (Viton) o-ring: -15°C to +150°C                   

Extended temperature

NBR o-ring: -200°C to +250°C (on request).

FKM (Viton) o-ring: -150°C to +250°C (on request).

Ambient temperature

-25°C to +80°C.

(storage: -40°C to +85°C)

Application pressure

-1bar to 40bar.

(single rod probe PTFE coated: 0 to 4bar, on request).

Velocity of level change < 1.000mm/s
Interface An oil layer of < 70mm thickness on top of water is not detected by the sensor
Dynamic viscosity

Single rod / wire rope probe: < 5.000mPa s=5.000cP 

Coaxial probe: < 500mPa s = 500cP.