• Monitoring
    Mobile or permanent leak monitoring. 
  • Installation
    Installation without calibration phase
  • Operation
    Simple installation and operation
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To provide permanent leakage monitoring, Ortomats (noise loggers) are installed in water supply network such that both incoming lines and the distribution network are monitored comprehensively for leakage noise.

General Specification  
ORTOMAT Data logger complete with radio and vibrophone  
Weight: ORTOMAT one-part 480gr.
Measure :  ORTOMAT one-part d=40mm x 155mm
Weight :  ORTOMAT two-part 620gr.
Measure : Logger d=40mm x 120mm
Sensor d=40mm x 70mm
Cable length 350mm
Power supply : 3.6V / 3.40Ah Lithiumbatt. (fixed installed)
Protection class : IP 68
Operating temp. : -10°C to +50°C
Humidity : 0-100% RH
Battery service life : approx. 5 years (dependant on configuration)
Wave band :  430 MHz Band / 10mW, 10% Duty Cycle
Band wide : 433.92MHz +/-50 kHz
Data rendering :     Digital walkie-talkie signal
Rendering time : 0,6 sec. / complete data movement
Radio range : approximately 100m by visibility connection
Vmax-transit selection : 80km/h by 1 sec sendpuls
Connection to computer : USB or RS 232
Data memory : 40 measuring days
Sensor technology : vonRoll hydro-Piezotechnology for noise reception
Certification : CE (Conformité Européenne)
ORTOMAT - Controller  
Weight : 530gr.
Measure L x B x H :  240 x 95 x 54mm
Measure Display L x B :  43 x 64mm
Protection class : IP 54
Operating temp. :  -10°C to +50°C
Humidity : 0-95% RH
Power supply intern : 4x 1.5V Alkaline-batteries
Bustle time : about 20h
Power supply extern : 12Vdc
Connection to computer : USB or RS 232
Radio communication :  digital / 433 MHz
Antenna connection : BNC
Data memory : about 500 complete data movement


It is necessary in the night between 02.00 and 04.00 o’clock when consumption is at its lowest. The Ortomats are equipped with a microprocessor and intelligent software which decide on the state of leakage directly after the measuring period ends. Locations where leakage occurs are immediately recognised and are stored ready for reading-out by the water supply utility using the mobile phone network. In the Ortomat system, battery power supplies are controlled such that, depending on programming, a battery service life of more than 7 years can be attained.