ON-OFF Level Float switch 7030

  • Contact system
  • Output​
    Change-over contact
  • Enclosure​
  • Temperature​
    - 20 … + 60 °C 


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The exceptional reliability of the 7030 Float Switch Makes it very suitable for many highly automated systems to provide additional protection against control system failures, preventing pumps from running dry etc. Traditional mercury switches are replaced with up-to-date environmentally friendly materials in the 7030 Float Switch. The extra durability of the potted switching components, strong multi-fiber flexible cable, rugged polypropylene enclosure, allow the 7030 to deliver reliable results where other float switches fail.

General Specification

Contact system 

Mechanical change-over switch (SPDT)

Max. load

16 A @ 200 VAC, 0.5 A @ 220 VDC


- 5 to + 150 °F


Polypropylene / Oil resistant PVC (float housing  / cable)


3XAWG17, oil resistant PVC insulation. Length  39 ft, dia. 1/3in.


Switch UL U83 161 3 (16A 125VAC)

Alarm or simple on/off level measurement control