Portable Gas Flow Meter in Hazerdous Area - G608

  • Flow Velocity
    0.01...35 m/s
  • Data Logger
    Capacity > 100 000 measured values
  • Explosion Protection
    Covered by ATEX/IECEx zone 2 certification, Rugged transducers (ATEX/IECEx zone 1 and 2, resistant to rough environments, dust and humidity)
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The new FLUXUS G608 portable gas flow meter is based on the widely used, highly reliable and versatile G601, but has been specifically engineered for its use within hazardous areas and is covered by ATEX, IECEx and FM certification.

It is the ideal solution for gas flow measurement in potentially explosive areas, may it be for a temporary replacement of a stationary flow meter, check metering or service operations. Due to its certification, users are not anymore obliged to obtain a Hot Work Permit, making the access to ATEX, IECEx and FM Zones much easier and less time consuming.


Technical Data:

General Specification
flow velocity

0.01...35 m/s, depending on pipe diameter

repeatability  0.15 % of reading ±0.01 m/s

all acoustically conductive gases,
e.g. nitrogen, air, oxygen, hydrogen, argon, helium, ethylene, propane

Accuracy (volumetric flow rate)

± 1...3 % of reading ±0.01 m/s depending on application
± 0.5 % of reading ±0.01 m/s with field calibration

power supply 100...240 V/50...60 Hz (power supply unit),
10.5...15 V DC (socket at transmitter),
integrated battery
display 2 x 16 characters, dot matrix, backlight
physical quantities operating volumetric flow rate, standard volumetric flow rate, mass flow rate, flow velocity
totalizer volume, mass
Data Logger capacity > 100 000 measured values
loggable values all physical quantities, totalized values and diagnostic values
Communication Interface RS232/USB
Outputs Current, Frequency, binary
Inputs Temperature
Explosion Protection

For Transmitter: Zone 2

For Transducer: Zone 1 or Zone 2

Upstream (On- and Offshore)

Midstream and Downstream

Gas Storage and Transport

Chemical Industry

Energy Sector (e.g. HVAC, geothermal, power plants)