Connect® RTU Unit

  • Internal communication​​
     Modbus® RTU-mode
  • External communication
     Modbus® RTU-mode / COMLI® / AquaCom 
  • Temperaturområde​
     - 20 … + 60 °C
  • Enclosure​
    IP 67
  • Power supply​
    115/230 V AC 50 / 60 Hz, ±10 % or 12 V DC battery
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Connect RTU Unit

Connect is an advanced combined control,regulator and monitor unit for technical installations such as wastewater treatment plants.Connect provides numerous options and can operate as a stand-alone controller or as a subunit (RTU) in a larger SCADA installation.It is equipped with a CPU and a datalogger, and can be configured as required with many digital and analog in- and outputs. A large selection of communication modules facilitates transmissions across private as well as public telephone and data networks. A Connect unit can operate in network with other MJK Connect® series devices, industrial PLCs and measuring devices for flow, pressure,pH, suspended solids and turbidity.Connect is the result of intensive development activities based on many years experience with equipment deliveries to SCADA installations all over the world. Connect is characterized byhigh quality, simple and logical usage in clear language, great functionality and prepared for future updates.


Advantages Using Connect

  • Pre-programmed functions and menus
  • Clear presentation of data
  • Communication options
  • Network Ready
  • Energy saving Ready
  • Versatile telemetry solution
  • Built-in data logger for analog inputs and all events
  • Ready to use RTU - Remote Telemetry Unit


Functions in Connect

  • Control and monitoring of wastewater pumping installations
  • Control and monitoring of drinking water treatment installations
  • Control of variable speed drives for optimizing energy consumption
  • Collecting data and data logging from flow and level instruments
  • Communication using public telephones, private lines, GSM, GPRS, UHF Radios, Ethernet, WiFi etc.
  • Connect® can simultaneously handle pump control while performing other complex functions.
  • Connect® has been designed on the same platform as our new instrument line, where the measurement and data log database communicates with the display device. This division not only saves space and money but allows you to connect multiple devices in the network, so the number of inputs and outputs can be expanded. ​

The flexible communication modules support the ideal and most economical way of communication for the task. We can offer GSM / GPRS and PSTN Modem, Radio, own lines via RS485 or RS232 and Ethernet.

Input and output modules 

Connect® comes with an input and output module (I/O board) with:

  • 16 digital inputs
  • 8 digital outputs
  • 6 analogue inputs and
  • 1 analogue output
Built-in Wizard for easy configuration 
Connect® has a wizard for the configuration of the desired function. When starting you’ll be guided easily through the configuration and with a few choices the Connect® configuration is completed and ready for use. 
Wastewater pumping 
Connect® can be used as a pump control for up to 8 water pumps. Connect® controls and regulates the pumps from a level transmitter connected to one of the six analogue inputs. Connect® collects pump data while operating, and communicates data, events and alarms to your SCADA system.
Combined rain and wastewater pumping station 
Connect® has the ability to manage two pumping operations simultaneously such as would be required in a combination of a rain and wastewater pumping station. Connect® could, for example, control four sewage pumps and two rain water pumps. In this case you only need two level transmitters - - one for each pump sump.
Drinking Water
Connect® has functionality to control and optimize raw- and pure water pumps to control filters with backflow return, or for controlling and monitoring of booster pumps at the water supply network. Connect® also handles monitoring of water towers, intrusion protection, collection and storage of measured values, recording night flow, etc.With simple operations, multiple functions, and the possibility of interconnection of networks with many units, CONNECT® is the ideal device for managing all functions of a modern water supply system. 
Event (incident) logging / extended data logger 

Connect® performs event/incident logging with an large capacity. For a given input Connect® even changes the log interval. Connect ® has the capacity for 30.000 data points with data and time-stamp included. All features are pre-programmed in the Connect®, so it really is a plug-and-play system, leaving just a few user selected settings. Connect® is a compact unit easy to set up and use, and so flexible that it can be applied in a vast number of applications well beyond the pump control.


Sometimes during heavy rain the pumps can be forced to stop so the water distribution system can be used as a reservoir, thus avoiding overflow and return pumping. Connect® can perform feedback control from other pumping stations equipped with Connect® for system wide coordination.All features are pre-programmed in the Connect®, so it really is a plug-and-play system, leaving just a few user selected settings.

WIFI Connectivity

MJK Connect App can also be used to access selected control end monitoring functions of the Connect RTU.The easy installable Wi-Fi module fits new as well as already installed Connect devices, as a build-in module or as external Wi-Fi antenna.

Specifications Connect Base Unit                                                                 
Power supply  115/230 V AC 50 / 60 Hz, ±10 % or 12 V DC battery
Battery backup 

Monitored, built-in battery charger for external lead battery, 2 - 30 Ah

Power consumption  25 VA
Clock  Real-time clock with built-in lithium battery (lifetime approx.10 years@20ºC)
Memory storage  32 Mb Flash memory, 10 X 36.000 loggings depending on chosen protocol
Interfaces  1 pc. RS-485 galvanic separated for 1-4 pcs. Connect
1 pc. RS-485 galvanic separated for 1-4 pcs. MagFlux and/or SuSix units
1 pc. communication module for monitoring equipment and other Connect units
1 pc. USB 1,1 type mini B, female
Internal communication 

Modbus RTU-mode

External communication 

Modbus RTU-mode / COMLI / AquaCom

Enclosure rating  IP 67
Cabinet material  Glas-reinforced polycarbonate
Temperaturområde  - 20 … + 60 °C
Weight  1,5 kg
CE approvals  EN 61000-6-4:2001, EN 61000-6-2:2001


Connect I/O Module 16-8-6-1*                                               
Digital inputs  16 pcs. DI, 10 - 30 V DC
Digital outputs 

8 pcs. DO, electronic relays (max. 48 V AC / DC / 120 mA

Analog inputs  6 pcs. Galvanically separated, 16 bit resolution, 4-20 mA, accuracy ± 0,25 % of FS
Analog outputs  1 pcs. 4 - 20 mA, galvanic separated
Power supply for I/O  3 pcs. 15 V DC, 200 mA


Communication Modules                                    
PSTN  Standard Hayes-compatible telephone modem
GSM  Dual band GSM modem
GPRS  Dual band GPRS modem
3G  3G Modem
RS-232 opto  Galvanic isolated RS-232 for data radio or external equipment
RS-485 opto  Galvanic isolated RS-485 with repeater for own lines
RS-485  ModBus


Connect Display                                
Display   Background-lit LCD display (64 x 128 pixels) with softkeys
Keyboard  4 softkeys and a keyboard for entries
Display indications  Indication of measurements, work data, functions, configuration and graph
Power supply 

From Connect Base Unit

Clock  Real-time clock with built-in lithium battery (lifetime10years@20ºC)

RS-485 Modbus® RTU-mode for communication between 1 - 4 Connect units 

Interface 1  RS-485
Interface 2  USB 1,1 type mini B, female
Interface 3 Communication module
Memory storage  32 Mb Flash memory, 168.000 loggings incl. date, time and value (curve display)
Enclosure rating  IP 67
Cabinet material  Glas-reinforced polycarbonate
Protection face shield  Transparent polycarbonate
Temperatur range  - 20 … 60 °C
Weight  0,5 kg



  • Sewer and wastewater plants.
  • Potable water installations.
  • Pump stations.
  • Filter rinsing.
  • Pressure enhancement facilities.
  • Cooling towers.
  • Storm flow structures.
  • Biological control.
  • Sludge treatment.
  • Filtering equipment.
  • Groundwater pump statio.
  • Buffer bassin.
  • Energy optimization.