• Power supply​
    11-30 V DC / 24 V AC ± 20%
  • Internal Communication​
     Modbus® RTU-mode
  • External Communication​​
    Modbus® RTU-mode or COMLI®
  • Enclosure
    IP 20
  • Operating Conditions​
    - 20 … 60 °C


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MY Connect® RTU Unit

Mµ Connect® (pronounced ‘My Connect’) is an integrated control and monitoring Instrument. It is designed for the control of pumping stations, small wastewater treatment plants and to measure and record over flow, control filters, raw water pumps and booster pumps for water supply pump stations. Mµ Connect® has advanced features for power optimization of pumps with the control of frequency and has functions for calculation, data logging and communication with SCADA systems.Mµ Connect® has WIFI built-in and is operated with a PC program Instrument Link and can be monitored and updated with a smart phone with graphic and flexible access to data and controls.


Advantages Using Connect

  • Pre-programmed functions and menus
  • Communication options
  • Network options
  • Energy saving
  • Versatile telemetric solution
  • Capable data logger
  • RTU - Remote Terminal Unit



Mµ Connect can be operated from several different devices:

• A smart phone connected through the built-in WIFI. The Apps for both iPhone and Android are free and can be downloaded on the App Store (iPhone) and Android Market. Scan the QR code and download from the App Store or Android Market.

• Connect Link for setup, configuring and online data view through USB, GSM/GPRS modem or WIFI.

• HMI touchscreen display provides easy access to pump control, data readout and real-time operating overview. 


Additional I/O Modules

Mµ Connect can be configured with a wide selection of I/O modules - from a single controller/alerter to a fully expanded multivariable process controller system.The maximum number of I/O modules is 8 units which
combined with the CPU unit give a total maximum of 32 DI, 32 DO, 16 AI and 16 AO. More details in datasheet 6.07



Specifications Mµ Connect                                    
Power supply  11-30 V DC / 24 V AC ± 20%
Power Consumption  8-40 VA, Depending on construction
Battery backup  Built-in battery charger includes surveillance of external led accumulator, (2 - 30 Ah)
Clock  Realtime clock incl. built-in lithium battery (exp. lifetime app. 10 years @ 20º)
Memory  32MB flash memory, 10x36000 logs depending on chosen protocol
Communications 1 stk. build-in GSM/GPRS Modem, (Quad-Band EGSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
1 stk. build-in WIFI, 802.11b/g (2,4 GHz), Max 25Mbps (64/128 bit WEP, WPA, WPA2(AES)
Internal Communication


External Communication 

Modbus®RTU-mode or COMLI

Interface 1 pcs. RS485 DIN bus for I/O modules
1 pcs. RS485 Galvanic separated for instrument net
1 pcs. RS485 Galvanically separated for Connect net
1 pcs. USB 1,1 Type mini B, female
1 pcs. MMCX, Female, for antenna
Enclosure  IP 20
Cabinet Material  PC (Polycarbonate)
Operating Conditions  - 20 … 60 °C
Weight  0,55 kg
CE Approval  EN 61000-6-4 2007-02-19, EN 61000-6-2 2005-09-08 according to 89/336/EEC, 2004/108/EC, 1999/EC
Input and Output RTU Unit 3AI/6DI/2DO incl. expansionsmodules max. 32 DI, 32 DO, 16 AI og 16 AO
Digital input  6 pcs. 10 - 30 V DC
Digital output  2 pcs. Electronic relays (max. 28 V AC / 28 V DC / 300 mA)
Analog input 3 pcs. Galvanically separated, 16 bit resolution, 4-20 mA, accuracy ± 0,25 % of FS
Analog output  Only Mμ Connect ® I/O module, 4-20 mA, Galvanically separated
Powersupply for I/O  1 pcs. 15 V DC, 150 mA

Control and supervisory of sewer and wastewater plants

• Pump stations
• Storm flow reservoir
• Wastewater treatment plants
• Control of aerators in sewage plants
• Master device for nConnect
• Controlling and supervising wa and raw water sources
• Raw water borings
• Ground water pump stations
• Pressure booster stations 
• Filtering plants