Triflex LNI250

  • Material â€‹
    Galvanised aluminum and ABS / PA.
  • Sensor resolution​
  • Power supply
    12 – 34V DC.
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The Triflex LNI 250 is designed to measure the level on the outside of a non-metallic tank without physical contact with the product. The LNI 250 incorporates the unique FTC technology (Field Time Control). This is a new innovative technology where an electric field is generated between multiple transmitting electrodes and a receiving electrode. The cycle time of the FTC level sensor changes as soon as a product intervenes this electric field. Multiple electrodes are embedded to detect the level of relative high dielectric material (εv ≥ 4). The Triflex LNI 250 transmitter does not require moving parts or product contact that may be subject to failure situations. Applications with a sensor with FTC Technology provide a more reliable and cost effective solution.


 Galvanised aluminum and ABS / PA.


 365 / 465 / 565 / 665 x 163 x 37mm H x W x D.

Power requirements
Power supply  12 – 34V DC.
Lift-off Voltage@4mA 

~ 11V DC.

Min. operating Voltage@20mA  ~ 9V DC.
Operating specifications
Temperature -40°C to +80°C (-40°F to +178°F).
Max. load resistance 550 ohm.
Sensor resolution 15mm.
Response time 1 second.
Sensor output
Analog output   2-wire 4 - 20mA (loop powered). 
Current signalling 

conform to Namur NE43.

4 - 20mA (0-100%).

3.8mA (saturating below -1.25%).

20.5mA (saturating above 103%).

3.6mA (fault current low value).

21mA (fault current high value).

Alarm output

Solid state 50V AC/DC

Non-trip current 39mA (at 25°C).
Min. trip current 59mA (at 25°C).