U1000 - HM

  • Diameter Range
    22mm - 115mm OD
  • Measurement Technique
    Transit time and PT100 Class B 4 wire
  • Communication
    Modbus RTU slave, RS485 serial link hardware layer.
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The U1000 HM is an ultrasonic clamp-on thermal, heat/energy meter that uses ultrasound to measure flow rate and PT100 temperature sensors to measure flow and return temperatures. The U1000 HM displays energy rate and totalized energy with pulse output and Modbus communication, so it can be used as a standalone meter or as an integral part of an aM&T or BEM’s system. Simple to install – clamp-on to the pipe, set the pipe diameter and connect the power, no specialist skills or tools required and Modbus compatible.

General Specification
Measuring Technique Transit time and PT100 Class B 4 wire
Measurement channels One
Flow velocity range (bi-directional) 
0.1 to 10 m/s
Operating temperature (Electronics) -0°C to +85°C.
Turn down ratio 200:1
Flow measurement accuracy ±1 - 3% of flow reading for flow rate >0.3m/s
Repeatability ±0.5% of measured value
Pipe  Diameter 25mm OD-115mm OD.

Pulse or Frequency, Energy (kWh or BTU) or Volume flow. The pulse output can also be configured as a loss of flow or low flow alarm for standalone meter or Modbus communication applications.

Modbus Communication  Modbus RTU slave, RS485 serial link hardware layer. Energy, power, temperature and flow.
Power input 12-24V AC or DC
Protection class IP54
Display LCD: 2 line x 16 characters
Keypad Format 4 key tactile feedback membrane keypad

Heat/energy metering in energy management or building services applications for LTHW or chilled water circuits.