• Flow Range
    from 1.5 to 605 l/min
  • Temperature 
    from -20 to 150 °C
  • Pressure
    from 0 to 400 bar
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The diagnostic test equipment MC4000 is a handheld system analyzer with inputs for two pressure sensors, one temperature sensor, one flow sensor and one active pick-up for RPM measurement.


General Specification

± 0.1% + 1 digit from reading

A to D 16-bit, linearity ± (1 LSB + 1 digit) 
Display  Graphic LCD display with back light, 128 x 64 pixels Back light auto-off function 

Flow (Q): 10mV…5V P-P sine wave from turbine

Pressure: (P1/P2): dual 4…20 mA

Temperature (T): Pt-100 –50…500° C

RPM: 5…24V active pickup. Range 30…60,000 rpm

Keypad 9 keys on the front. With backlight activated, the display is illuminated for 30 second after any key is pressed. 

Battery: 6V, 2 Ah

Charger: 100 to 240V AC

A fully charged battery permits about 4 hours of operation with two pressure sensors connectedand the backlight switched off.


2.5 MB datalogger stores up to 80,000 samples in all four signal channels, calculated power, date, and time. The sampling rate is selectable from 1sec to 120 min.

Peak & valley stores the maximum and the minimum of P1 and P2

2 fast transients recorders with a sampling a rate of 1 ms and a capacity of 240,000 measurements reading pressure P1. The start level of the recording threshold is programmable between 0 to 100%. 

Tare Pressure channels P1 and P2 can be independently set to zero.

Chemical industry

General industry

Oil industry

Automotive industry