Turbine flow meter Blancet 1500

  • Materials 316 stainless steel
    offers long service life in severe operating environments
  • High Accuracy
    ±0.25% of reading
  • Support 6-bladed rotor
    Improved flow conditioning
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Turbine Flow meter Blancett 1500 flow meters are the ideal solutions for standard clean, filtered liquid flow applications in precision industrial processes, found in the automotive, chemical/petrochemical, aerospace and general industries.

Blancett B1500 flow meters mount directly in the piping and can be installed in any position without affecting performance. For optimal performance, recalibrate the meter if the mounting orientation is changed from the original horizontal calibration.

Blancett B1500 turbine flow meters have exceptional mechanical linearity, resulting in minimizing, or negating, temperature induced viscosity influence. Meters come with national pipe thread (NPT) or flange process fittings, sizes up to two inches and can be ordered with a Blancett B3000 flow monitor to accommodate the requirements of most applications and flow ranges.

General Specification
Materials of Construction

Body :316 stainless steel

Shafts :316 stainless steel

Rotors  :17-4 PH stainless steel

Bearing :Ceramic

Flow Accuracy ±0.25% of reading

±0.02% of reading

Response Time 2...3 ms (at 1.2 cSt)
Turbine Temperature –150...350° F (–101...177° C)
Pressure Rating 5922 psi max
Pipe Diameter Range 0.25...2 in
Flow Rate Range 0.25...250 gpm
End Connections NPT, flange
Temperature -232 to 149 °C

- Clean, filtered liquid

- Petrochemical

- Chemical industry

- Aerospace industry